GeoSafari Jr BugOpticals

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Change the way your preschooler sees the world with this adorable dragonfly tool!

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Two different magnifying lenses bring finds into focus while three colored lenses allow little scientists to explore primary and secondary colors. An insect lens shows the world from a bug’s point of view! Slide open the wings of this adorable dragonfly to see the world in a whole new way! Change your worldview with the colored lenses, then overlap them to create secondary color views. Use the faceted lens to see from a bug’s point of view. Overlap the 2x and 5x lenses to see how the magnification multiplies. That’s 10x more fun! Encourage scientific exploration and reward curiosity with this hands-on introduction. Chunky parts are easy for little hands to grip and manipulate.


2x Magnifiers – Includes scientific tool featuring 2x and 5x magnifying lenses; red, yellow, and blue colored lenses
Faceted lens
Overlap the magnifiers for 10x magnification!
Overlap the color lenses to make orange, green, and purple!



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Dimensions 27 x 7 x 21 cm


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