Mission Critical: Mars


Danger awaits on a mission to Mars

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The crew must stay in tip-top shape to execute emergency protocols when the ship runs into trouble. It takes cool heads and teamwork to survive because when a crisis hits, the clock starts ticking. The electronic command computer narrates the action all the way through to the dramatic landing sequence. The players win only if the whole team makes it to the surface alive with their ship intact. This cooperative, timed adventure game includes a talking Command Computer, 18 player and marker pieces, Procedural Protocol cards, Emergency Protocol cards, a ship-based game board and space exploration learning materials.


1x Game Board
16x Emergency Procedure Cards
15x Standard Procedure Cards
1x Command Computer
4x Astronaut Movers
1x Spacecraft Token
1x Spacecraft Damage Marker
4x Astronaut Health Monitor Boards
12x Health Tracking Markers
1x Eight-Sided Die
1x Six-Sided
Procedure Die
STEM Focus: Science: Space Exploration
Requires 3 AA batteries (Not Included)



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Dimensions 33 x 7 x 28 cm


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