Primary Science Sensory Tubes


Bring out the future scientist in your family

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Product Description

They will have your child engaged in exploring different things all day long. The plastic sensory tubes enhance their senses and observation. They can place dirt, leaves, food, even small creatures in these make-believe labs. Each of the four tubes come with matching lids and each has its own designated color. The tubes are plastic so it is safe for your young ones to play with. Lids can be placed on the top or the bottom. They come off or go on easily with just a twist. Liquids can be placed inside the tubes and kept securely without any spills or leaks. It is ideal for children ages two and up. Your child will enjoy smelling, investigating, and tasting with their scientific experiments.


4 x sturdy, clear tubes.
Tubes feature dual openings and 2 solid lids for each.
4 x vented lids let children explore their sense of smell.
Secure small creatures for observation.
Lids easily twist off and on.
Solid lids hold liquid securely inside.



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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 33 x 6 x 15 cm


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