Weird & Wacky Contraption Lab

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Kids build skills like problem solving and strategy, testing and experimentation

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Standing over two feet tall, the Weird & Wacky Contraption Lab has 60 mix-and-match pieces to build an unlimited amount of contraptions. Kids can dream up crazy courses, then build and test them using this easy-to-construct Velcro-like system. Instructions offer tips and tricks on how to best manipulate the kit’s components. Guides kids through five sample contraption designs while they learn how to predict the outcome of each. Gravity, momentum, and velocity are observed as kids experiment with gears, levers, and wacky contraptions. Components: cannon with flying stunt pig, cleaning machine, toilet, chicken coop, boot buster, 2 gears and cup, funnel, zigzag ramp, 12 tracks, 24 track clips, 2 off-ramps, 6 stops, 4 steel balls and ball extractor, hook-and-loop backer board with stand and tri-fold instructional booklet. Suitable for ages 8 years old and up. Children will love using their imaginations as they play with the Smart Lab Contraption Lab Science Experiment Kit. The Weird and Wacky Lab includes objects that children can use to form fun contraptions. This fun children science kit allows young scientists to mix and match pieces for unlimited building possibilities. The Weird and Wacky Contraption Lab helps build skills, such as problem solving, strategy building, testing and experimentation.


Cannon with flying pig
Ore car
Plunger lever
Chicken coop
Wavy track
2 curved tracks
4 long tracks
6 short tracks
2 gears
Wavy stairs
Steam pipe
Boot and hand lever
Hook-and-loop backer board with stand



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